Saturday, March 2, 2013

*Place Clever Title Here*

Totally blanked on what to put for the title haha.
Hey guys, So I couldn't wait long before sporting my new favorite shades. I knew that my perforated neon hoodie would look pretty cool with them and decided a sporty-er outfit was necessary! Oh and also yesterday was my friend Ozodi and I's highschool talent show performance and overall I think we did very well! We danced to a mash-up of Dope, Crew Love, and Clique.Today consisted of more dance pratice, hitting up Goodwill and Plato's, then eating hibachi with my life-long friend Jessica. I'm hoping to film the requested Forever21 Haul tomorrow morning before I have to leave for work! Hope you guys are having a nice weekend:)
xoxo Hope
jacket-Members Only hoodie-Forever21 shades-GoJane flatform sneakers-Asos


  1. You are style. Girl you amazing!

  2. Those shades are killlller. Also love the hoodie, can't believe it's F21!

    Ava Tallulah

  3. dope. love that shade with the neon! x

  4. There nice shoes! Your neon jumpers lovely too - so bright! x

  5. cool <3
    love the emphasize of yellow color :D

  6. I really appreciate what you're doing

  7. Love the pop of neon :)