Saturday, May 23, 2015

Practically a Cocoon

Hey fashionable friends,
The main focus of this outfit is definitely this vintage quilted coat, Ashley had given me for my birthday a couple weeks ago. I had my eye on this coat for over a year and I was happily surprised when it ended up in my hands! I decided to pair it with simple, black and cream items and accessories that highlighted the teal and gold detail. It is so cozy and I feel like I'm wrapped up in a cocoon, hence this post's title haha. 
xoxo Hope

Cicra 77 Vintage Coat 
A'Gacici crochet top
UrbanOG flats
Assorted Accessories(UO necklace)

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Hey fashionable friends,
So this is a bit of a different look than what I usually go for. I think it's fun to switch things up! Keeps fashion interesting. I've been wanting a salmon colored bomber jacket for quite some time now so I'm pretty stoked about this one. I decided to pair it with silver, black & white for a more modern approach(with some 80's feel!) I'm digging the grid pattern trend so here is my interpretation. On a not so fashion note: My summer is officially here! I have a trip to the west coast in a couple weeks so stay tuned for that because there will be plenty of pictures and video footage!

xoxo Hope

*all clothing ℅ Missguided*

Pointed Toe Silver Flats


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Naja Eco-Friendly Fashion

 Hey fashionable friends,
“Today's post highlights Naja; a women empowering lingerie brand that makes braspanties and swimwear."These reasons help make up why I fully support Naja's craft. They put a great amount of thought into their products by using such materials as Peruvian cotton and nylon lace, which gives comfortability! Not only that but, Naja displays "underwear with a purpose". Through their Underwear for Hope program, Naja helps give education to single mothers. This helps not just the mother, but their children as well!  I have posted above some other their eco friendly bras that happen to be made out of recycled bottles(PET). I used their eco-friendly bras as an inspiration for how I express "living green". I drink out of reusable water bottles, use earth-concious makeup brushes, carry around reusable grocery bags, take care of plants, and share organic/fair trade lotion with my roommate!

xoxo Hope